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  • Shui Jing Fang Wellbay - 500ml

Shui Jing Fang's Wellbay uses the beauty and exquisite craftsmanship of it's packaging to communicate the perfection of the spirit inside. The spirit has been nurtured and influenced by the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties for over 600 years and contributes to the elegance of Chinese living with its inherited taste and cultural background. Shui Jing Fang's Wellbay is a characteristic Shui Jing Fang brand.

Shui Jing Fang's Wellbay is packaged in a prism shaped bottle within an elegant, tinted box which can be fully opened only by pulling back the three rings held within the lion's mouth. The wooden base on

which the bottle rests brings a sense of order and dignity incorporating fine brushwork paintings of lions. On the interior surface of the bottom of the bottle which is concaved into a hexagon, are six intricate paintings of scenic spots in Chengdu: the Wu Hou Shrine, Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Jiuyan Bridge, Hejiang Pavilion, Wangjiang Tower and the Shui Jing Distillery.

The paintings are viewed through the liquid itself evoking the 600 years of cultural heritage that have created this exquisite spirit. The Shui Jing Fang • Wellbay bottle is a work of art that communicates the quality of the spirit within.

Shui Jing Fang Wellbay - 500ml

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