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  • Kimoto Umeshu  - 300ml
  • -18%

Deze umeshu is gemaakt op basis van de Junmai Kimoto, eveneens van Daishichi. Alleen de beste pruimen uit de Nankou regio zijn gebruikt voor deze umeshu.

  • Brewery Daishichi
  • Prefecture Fukui
  • Content 300 ml
  • Sake Meter Value +1
  • Acidity 1.4
  • Rice Polish Rate 50 %
  • Alcohol 16 %

The Daishichi Sake Brewery
The town of Nihonmatsu in Fukushima Prefecture, at the foot of beautiful Mt. Adatara, is well-known for its high-quality water, such as the Hikage Well, one of the Three Famous Wells of Japan. The Ohta family, related to the Seiwa Genji clan, settled in the 164os in the retinue of Lord Niwa in Nihonmatsu, where they started brewing sake. In the second year of Houreki (1752), Ohta Saburoemon established a branch family and set up the present Daishichi Sake Brewery. Since then, the Ohta family has devoted itself for ten generations to sake brewing. As the greatest leader in the most orthodox way of sake brewing, the rare Kimoto-method, Daishichi receives high acclaim both in Japan and abroad.


Kimoto Umeshu - 300ml

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